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We have built market-leading consulting, actuarial modelling, data management, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities that assist clients in managing risks and developing opportunities. Our consultants provide independent clinical, actuarial, and analytics services to clients across 30 countries, tailoring their advice to each client’s unique context.


At Insight, we are tenacious problem solvers driven by curiosity and a fascination with the power of data. Our commitment to improving the health and life industries is grounded in a multi-disciplinary and integrated skillset approach. By bringing together experts from diverse fields and leveraging cutting edge technology we offer market leading solutions to complex challenges.


Life Solutions

Insight’s Life Solutions team provides actuarial consulting services to Life Insurers. Our approach is underpinned by curiosity and a deep understanding of insurers’ goals and the challenges they face. Supported by world-class technology and expertise, we serve an international client base from our offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We resource backfill roles allowing your team to focus on strategic projects while we perform your BAU actuarial activities. Our backfill capabilities range from individual placements to fulfilling the roles of entire teams and functions.


Health Solutions

Sophisticated projections models, advanced IBNR calculations, and standardised actuarial reporting equip medical schemes and health insurers to better manage their product lines, and design improved products.

We dig deeper into the data to understand the drivers of claims experience, and to suggest mitigations and improvements.


Advisory Solutions

At the intersection of data and real lives is the power of Insight Advisory Solutions. We use real-world data from our worldwide footprint to offer guided advice and tailored solutions across medical schemes and health insurers, delivered through intelligent/dynamic digital tools to make the entire process simpler, clearer and more valuable for employers, employees and members.

  • An innovative virtual work-experience programme helps new actuaries avoid feeling like aliens dropped onto a foreign planet when they start their first jobs. Its founders, Pamela Hellig, Previn


Join the Dialogues

The world is changing at a faster rate than ever. Our annual Foresight Dialogues event presents cutting edge thinking and analysis on healthcare, technology and analytics. Join us at our next event to stay ahead of the curve.



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