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The world is in constant flux, and the healthcare landscape is no exception. This year, Foresight Dialogues pushes beyond prediction to action.

Join us as we explore how industry leaders can be the force for positive change in healthcare, technology, and analytics.

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Foresight – Cape Town

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Tue, 16 July 2024
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40 Heerengracht Street, Cape Town, WC 8001

Foresight – Johannesburg

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Thu, 18 July 2024
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Tithonus’ Mistake – avoiding a slow death

Michael didn’t go for career counselling, which might explain why he’s a medical doctor, an executive film & TV series producer, a renowned presenter, a health-tech entrepreneur (co-founder of Hello Doctor), a global speaker, consultant, author and most recently CEO of TruthTV.
Michael makes health simple to understand & practical to apply so that you can stop fretting about your well-being and start enjoying it – because, as he often says: “Life’s so much better when you’re healthy, and being healthy is so much easier than you think.”

Dr Michael Mol

Foresight 2024

Changing your perspectives on NHI

Barry is Joint CEO of Insight. He is Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, and previous chair of the profession’s healthcare committee and Covid-19 task team. Barry specialises in health policy, product design, analytics and risk management. His particular areas of interest include fintech, case mix and risk adjustment, reimbursement models, quality measurement and improvement, wellness and behavioural science.

Barry Childs

Foresight 2024

Healthcare spending in Africa

Kgaogelo is currently an actuarial consultant at Insight Solutions and has been working there since 2022. He has 8 years experience in the healthcare industry. He also has a strong passion for developing innovative solutions to healthcare problems, especially in Africa and other developing markets. He is currently pursing his FASSA qualification with the Actuarial Society of South Africa.

Kgaogelo Maredi

Foresight 2024

Interconnected Realities: Mental Health and Chronic Diseases

Karishma is an actuarial consultant with 4 years experience in the healthcare industry and in consulting. She has worked with medical aid schemes in South Africa and in countries outside South Africa including Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi. Lesotho, Zambia as well as other smaller African countries. She has recently been involved in more coding and machine learning projects.

Karishma Magan

Foresight 2024

AI and Clinical Episodes

Faheem Suban serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Insight and is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He specialises in harnessing technology to refine actuarial practices and seamlessly integrating these technological advancements. Faheem is charged with overseeing Insight’s digital strategy, as well as spearheading research and development in artificial intelligence.

Craig Getz heads the Insight strategic analytics team. Craig is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. He specialises in the development of risk management strategies which empower his clients to better navigate their risks. Craig provides strategic and technical advice to several leading medical schemes and hospital groups. He is also responsible for the development of statistical and clinical algorithms including the Insight Diagnosis Related Grouper and is passionate about product development.

Faheem Suban & Craig Getz

Foresight 2024
Foresight 2024

Democratising Health Technology Assessment in South Africa

Shelley is a registered pharmacist and qualified health economist. She has undergraduate Degrees in biochemistry, pharmacy and economics and an international Masters in Health Economics. Shelley is currently the Consultant: Health Economics and Health Policy at Insight Actuaries, having spent 8 years in the medical association environment, in roles in research, policy and management.

Yanga obtained her MSc in Health Technology Assessment from the University of Glasgow and is currently an active member of Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi). She is passionate about using evidence to inform decision-making to enhance access and ensure equitable distribution of health technologies.

Shelley-Ann McGee & Yanga Nokhepheyi

Foresight 2024
Foresight 2024

More than a feeling – how life and health insurers can assess the mortality and morbidity impacts of climate change

Pamela is Head of Insight Life Solutions and a qualified actuary and chartered enterprise risk actuary with over 15 years’ experience in the life insurance sector, both in South Africa and abroad. She became interested in climate risk – and how actuaries can manage it – in 2022 and has since completed the IFoA’s course in climate risk and sustainability and the SOA’s Climate Risk for Life Insurance module, presented at the 2022 ASSA Convention, the 2024 ASSA Life Assurance seminar and the 2024 IAIS Seminar, and serves on the ASSA climate change committee in the traditional areas sub-committee. She also chairs the ASSA working party which seeks to examine the impacts of climate change on mortality and morbidity risks for South African life insurers.

Botlhale Letsoalo brings over 10 years of healthcare industry expertise to his role as an actuarial consultant at Insight Solutions Group. Leveraging his strong background in economics and finance (BSc – Commerce, UCT), Botlhale simplifies complex actuarial concepts into clear, actionable insights for stakeholders of all levels. His consulting experience spans medical schemes, administrators, and providers, demonstrating his versatility and impact.

Pamela Hellig & Botlhale Letsoalo

Foresight 2024
Foresight 2024

More Events brought to you by Insight

  • There is a global health policy shift towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which aims to address health inequities by reducing financial barriers to care in order to broaden access to high-quality healthcare. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has a critical role to play in guiding decisions about health technologies and interventions in this context. We are making significant strides in developing expertise for an independent, transparent, data-driven HTA platform to bridge the health equity gap in South Africa, benefiting all.

  • The Journal Club embodies a dynamic fusion of intimate dialogue and transformative progress within the domains of healthcare and technology. Our inaugural session, will delve into the intricacies of the NHI, promising enlightening insights and robust dialogues.

  • We explored the game-changing potential of AI democratisation, patient journey analytics, governance, quality measurement, meditation, and the hidden key of epigenetics.

  • After two years of Covid, it’s time to turn our attention to other areas of focus, to frame critical conversations that will define future opportunities and determine how we will overcome challenges.


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