Foresight 2016

Precognition as to what the future holds is critical

This is the essence of FORESIGHT. In 2016 Foresight focused on the crucial juncture that the healthcare in South Africa found itself… 

With the Health Market Inquiry underway as well as National Health Insurance emerging on the horizon, many are wondering what the future holds. The dialogues, offer a unique perspective of the glimpse of the ever changing nature of the future within the South African healthcare landscape, based on the sound expertise of a panel of industry leaders. The sessions shared some invaluable insight on how you can align your perspective with the myriad of eventualities on hand.

Speaker Presentations

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Anja Smith

Removing Smoke And Mirrors


Barry Childs

Industry Hospital ARM


Christoff Raath

Getting Ready For Data


Daniel Erasmus

Emerging Health Insurance Solutions


Gary Kantor

Global Data Trends


Kathryn Dreyer

Localised Purchasing In The NHS


Lungi Nyathi

Incubator Forum


Shivani Ranchod

Rethinking End Of Life Care


Simon Strachan

Progressive Provider Engagement

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