Foresight 2017

The world has changed overnight in healthcare, technology and analytics, and this is just the beginning. With the future being an ever-changing process, you need to ensure that you are ready for these changes and can be a adaptable in dealing with all perspectives within this healthcare landscape. Our Foresight dialogues showcased a morning of cutting edge presentations, exposing a Whole New World.

Speaker Presentations

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Andrew Boulle

WC Health Data Centre


Christoff Raath

A Whole New World


Daniel Erasmus

New Information Asymmetries


Masimba Mareverwa

Progressive Medical Scheme Benefit Design

_0003_Mattan Abraham

Matan Abraham

Demystifying Fintech


Mohammed Jeenah

Public Health Data Systems Possibilities

_0001_Sharon Naidoo + Andre Bellinggan

Sharon and Andre

New Tools For health Data Analysis


Shivani Ranchod

The Late Mover Advantage

Event Gallery

Cape Town