Foresight 2018

Foresight 2018

The multiple layers of human behaviour and perception are integral to how we make choices and decisions.

Andre Hofmeyr

The Economics of Addiction

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Barry Childs

Behavioural Era

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Christoff Raath

Deep Learning

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Daniel Shapiro

How we purchase Medical Scheme Cover

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Matan Abraham

Behaviour of machines

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Sharon Naidoo

Doctor Behaviour

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Stephen Windel


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  • There is a global health policy shift towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which aims to address health inequities by reducing financial barriers to care in order to broaden access to high-quality healthcare. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has a critical role to play in guiding decisions about health technologies and interventions in this context. We are making significant strides in developing expertise for an independent, transparent, data-driven HTA platform to bridge the health equity gap in South Africa, benefiting all.

  • The Journal Club embodies a dynamic fusion of intimate dialogue and transformative progress within the domains of healthcare and technology. Our inaugural session, will delve into the intricacies of the NHI, promising enlightening insights and robust dialogues.

  • We explored the game-changing potential of AI democratisation, patient journey analytics, governance, quality measurement, meditation, and the hidden key of epigenetics.

  • After two years of Covid, it’s time to turn our attention to other areas of focus, to frame critical conversations that will define future opportunities and determine how we will overcome challenges.


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