Foresight 2019

There is constant tension between opportunity and risk. What if we succeed? What if we fail? “What if” provides a powerful mechanism to evaluate strategies, products and decisions.

Speaker Presentations

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_0003_Aphiwe Baleni

Aphiwe Baleni

What if we could tap into SA’s potential

Barry Childs Photo

Barry Childs

What if we could look at all our data together

Christoff Raath Photo

Christoff Raath

What if we found a way to achieve universal health coverage


Faheem Suban

What if AI made data more accessible

Gizelda Zubi Photo

Gizelda Zubi

What if the evidence changes


Linda Holding

What if we found a way to implement value based care

_0000_Rachael van Zyl

Rachael van Zyl

What if we focus on value

Tshepo Selepe _ Nikhil Ramlal Photo

Tshepo Selepe & Nikhil Ramlal

What if we have a healthcare disaster

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