We invite you to join us for a discussion on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and its multifaceted role as an instrument to support data-driven approaches for broadening access to high quality healthcare, on a sustainable basis.

The Journal Club embodies a dynamic fusion of intimate dialogue and transformative progress within the domains of healthcare and technology.

Rooted in the essence of historical scientific gatherings, this event rekindles the spirit of inquiry and collaboration that drove innovation forward. It’s an exclusive platform, designed for limited participants, where each voice finds resonance and every idea is nurtured.

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The Journal Club

Date and time

Thur, 18 April 2025
13:00 – 17:00 SAST

Meet our expert team of facilitators and panelists.

Dr Tebogo Phaleng | Facilitator

Tebogo is the Head of Insight Health Solutions. He is a Medical Doctor with over 23 years of strategic and technical experience from various clinical, executive, advisory and fiduciary roles within the health sector.

Tebogo is passionate about industry-level interventions that drive access to affordable, high quality healthcare on a sustainable basis. To this end, Tebogo has served in a number of industry-level roles, including Strategy Advisor to the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), Director of the Health Funders Association (HFA), and as a member of the Council for Medical Schemes’ (CMS) Advisory Committee on Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA), Business Unity South Africa’s (BUSA) Health Task Team and the Global Health Strategy Officers Community at the World Economic Forum.

Tryphine Zulu

Tryphine Zulu is passionate about solving problems in healthcare financing. When it comes to her day job, she particularly enjoys balancing claims risk with providing cost-effective benefits that meet the health care needs of members.

Tryphine is somewhat of an academic junkie, who will pursue as many intellectual interests as time (and resources) will allow. As a result of her constant pursuit of knowledge she has gained qualifications in Pharmacy, Medicine regulation, health economics and more recently Actuarial science.

Tryphine currently works for Platinum Health Medical Scheme, an HMO in the mining sector. Her responsibilities extend across reimbursement decisions and managed care, clinical and claims risk management as well as looking after healthcare professionals in Dentistry, Mental Health, Optometry, Physiotherapy as well as Pharmacy.

Outside of her day job she sits on the board of Metrics4Measurement, an NPO that deals with measuring outcomes that matter in public health programs. These outcomes include health equity measurement and access to reproductive health services for women among others. She is also part of WHO’s advisory group on the Governance of the Private Sector for Universal Health Coverage.

When all is said and done- her most important job is being a mom to her two very brilliant and very kind kids who are also her best teachers in patience and selflessness.

Shelley McGee

Shelley is a pharmacist and health economist.

Shelley is currently the National Operations Manager of the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA), as well as the Chief Operating Officer for the Ophthalmology Management group, having spent 5 years as Health Policy Researcher at the Knowledge Management Department of the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

She has undergraduate Degrees in biochemistry, pharmacy and economics and an international Masters Health Economics.

She is a past President of ISPOR SA (South African Chapter of the Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research) and member of the Expert Review Committee (Primary and Hospital) for the National Essential Medicines List Committee (NEMLC) and recently a Ministerial appointed member of the

National pricing committee which determines the transparent pricing policy for medicines and medical devices in the country.

Shelley has peer-reviewed publications the research areas of priority-setting and resource allocation, and healthcare pricing, in light of Universal Health Coverage and health technology assessment in particular. She has 15 years’ experience in various roles in application of health economics and health technology assessment to decision-making in the South African public and private sectors, having previously worked in the medical insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry and academia.

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  • There is a global health policy shift towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which aims to address health inequities by reducing financial barriers to care in order to broaden access to high-quality healthcare. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has a critical role to play in guiding decisions about health technologies and interventions in this context. We are making significant strides in developing expertise for an independent, transparent, data-driven HTA platform to bridge the health equity gap in South Africa, benefiting all.

  • The Journal Club embodies a dynamic fusion of intimate dialogue and transformative progress within the domains of healthcare and technology. Our inaugural session, will delve into the intricacies of the NHI, promising enlightening insights and robust dialogues.

  • We explored the game-changing potential of AI democratisation, patient journey analytics, governance, quality measurement, meditation, and the hidden key of epigenetics.

  • After two years of Covid, it’s time to turn our attention to other areas of focus, to frame critical conversations that will define future opportunities and determine how we will overcome challenges.


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