Actuarial Modelling

Our team of consultants is well-versed in a number of established and disruptive actuarial modelling platforms, with a focus on Prophet and We can help add to existing capability, migrate models out of Excel or other legacy systems, and validate existing models.

We offer a model architecture service where you can draw on decades of modelling experience to plan and design a future-fit actuarial modelling suite. We can help simplify unnecessarily complex models and document the key components of your models to improve useability, help you understand your model risk, and allow you to meet the standards required by the actuarial profession.

We offer a fully outsourced model development and maintenance function on a permanent or ‘per sprint’ basis.

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Sophisticated projections models, advanced IBNR calculations, and standardised actuarial reporting equip medical schemes and health insurers to better manage their product lines, and design improved products.

We dig deeper into the data to understand the drivers of claims experience to suggest mitigations and improvements.