Risk Management

Insight can help insurers extend risk management beyond compliance to become an enabler for the business. We help clients to identify and manage their risks, thereby enabling Executives to make informed business decisions and developing a control environment that gives Executives and Board members comfort while not stifling the business. The support provided by this framework allows a business to grow and innovate without unnecessary restrictions.

You can outsource the Head of Risk Management Function role to Insight or use our experienced consultants to support your existing risk function.

We know that there are times when you need a few extra hands on deck and we can provide these as and when required, or on a longer term basis.

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Sophisticated projections models, advanced IBNR calculations, and standardised actuarial reporting equip medical schemes and health insurers to better manage their product lines, and design improved products.

We dig deeper into the data to understand the drivers of claims experience to suggest mitigations and improvements.